About David's Doodles

Animal Illustrator, Designer, and Story Artist in the Animation Industry.

I am constantly asked what inspires me. So many artists will proceed to name classical masters of fine arts or their contemporaries, maybe some more current famous illustrators. That is all well and good but for me, its just one word: Life.
There are endless things, experiences, elements, moments, feelings that are encompassed in Life. I’d say nature, of course, isn’t it obvious, by what you see on this store page along with my personal website and books. Animals are part of this Life inspiration and the subcategory of nature. They have so much personality, energy and attitude that I am drawn to all of it, haha pun intended. I love hearing from fans and admirers that my work is so “alive”. It looks like its moving. I just smile contently and gratefully because that is what I am going for. And don’t forget with that vitality comes to attitude, personality, and character.
Additionally, under this idea of Life is family and the emotions evoked when I look at all my girls, that includes you too, Susan, my lovely and amazing wife. I draw upon them, haha pun intended again when doing my craft and use it as a jumping off point to better my art and myself.
So for all of you out there, whether artist or not, take stock and be grateful for what inspires you and makes you who you are.

David Colman